Life Coaching

Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching, in its Cognitive-Behavioral Form (CBT), seeks to strengthen goal-seeking, prosperity and hope by implementing new strategies and assessments to change behavior and perceptions.

Where does it help?

Life Coaching helps to:

make changes in your life
take care of your self
negotiate effectively with others
try new and stronger behaviors
implement new strategies
discover new skills
change your image
perceive reality differently
find out what is important to you
plan your goals and achieve them
eliminate any obstacles that may be found in your way.

Life Coaching – in its CBT form – is a combination of Cognitive – Behavioral therapies, methods and skills.

Life Coaching has become widely known in the last ten years – although it began in the 1980s in America – and together with Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is the “new blood” in therapies.

It does not focus so much on the past and the traumatic experiences that may have been caused, but emphasizes the solution to the problem HERE and NOW.

Life Coaching, as a tool, is widely used by Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapists.

How is it done?

With individual sessions
By phone, after the first meeting in person.