Effie Keramida, Psychologist, MSc.
Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist
NLP – Life Coaching

She studied Psychology and Theater at Hunter College of the City University of New York (New York) and specialized in theatrical play, and body and sensory activation exercises as well as observation, relaxation and concentration exercises. She then received a Master’s Degree in Theater (fellowship) from Long Island University, CW Post in New York.

Later, in Greece she acquired a Master’s Degree in Psychology at Panteion University with Fotini Tsalikoglou, Mika Haritou – Fatourou and other professors.
She specialized in Media Psychology and the role that Psychology can play in the Media.
She did research on the contribution of emotion to shaping public opinion and how it is used on occasion, as well as the social norms projected by the media from time to time and why.
She also did a research on reality shows, why they have an appeal – in a positive or negative way to the audience and why participants must meet certain characteristics so that the viewerw identify with them.

She then specialized in NLP and Life Coaching.
Two tools that help in personal development and self-improvement.
To set goals in various areas of our lives, to overcome obstacles, to plan the steps to achieve them and to communicate better in our relationships, in the workplace and in the social environment.

She specialized in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) at the Hellenic Society for Behavior Research.

She specialized in the Therapeutic treatment of Anxiety Disorders at TH.SY., as well as in Eating Disorders under the responsibility of Mr. Frangiskos Gonidakis (Psychiatrist, Head of the Eating Disorders Unit of the University of Athens and the University of Athens Psychiatrist, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Athens)

From January 2011 until today, she organizes Open Speeches of psychological content, in the context of Awareness of the Public, with topics related to relationships, stress, domestic violence and more.

Since September 2014 she is a psychologist at KEDIF. (PUBLIC BENEFIT ENTERPRISE OF FYLI MUNICIPALITY) where she developed and organized Parents’ Schools, in order to provide psychological support and assistance to parents so that they can successfully meet their complex and difficult role as it is shaped in modern socio-economic conditions.

She also deals with the psychological support of the Roma in family matters, the role of the Roma woman but also in the improvement of their living conditions.

She provides psychological support in the “Help at Home” Program aimed at seniors who are cannot take care of themselves and people with mobility impairments and special problems, with priority given to those who live alone or do not have full family care or whose income does not allow them to have access to services needed to improve their quality of life and have a decent life.

She also deals with the psychological and counseling support of women in order to provide psychosocial support. (She is a student of Mika Fatourou who has created the Guide for Women Advisers on Equality Issues).

She collaborates with the IASY Polyclinic and provides psychological support to diabetics.

In 2013-2014 she taught psychology at IEK Xini.

While in America, she hosted a radio show in New York on human issues.
Her articles have been published in the American and Greek media as well as in various journalistic sites. Her texts and scripts are played on television.

She has collaborated with the greatest artists in Greece and abroad as well as with prominent personalities of the show business.

She has worked in Television, Press and Radio for over twenty years.

She is a member of the Hellenic Society for Behavioral Research and the Violence Prevention Branch of the EEC as well as the Hellenic American Union.

She is licensed to practice Psychology and she exercises private practice.

She speaks english excellently.